Red Flags to Know Before Picking Your Content Writing Job

Red flags for content writers

In this blog post, I want to put across some hilarious examples of fake paid writing job offers that I’ve come across. I will explain why do I think so and top reasons to stay away from such job offers. You will also find a few examples of genuine job offers.

This is going to be interesting. So, let’s get started and identify the potential red flags.

The Bad Job Posts

here is a list of types of job posts to stay away from:

  1. The jackpot offer

Fake writing Jobs

In this post, you can see that the person is asking your 2-3 hrs per day and ready to pay 50k to 60k per month in return. Later on, the person also says ‘anyone can work’.

So, do you think there is a mysterious skill that (no body knows of) can make you 50k to 60k by working just 2 to 3 hours per day? And, the cherry on the top is that ‘any one can work’. I mean wow!

You need at least some basic skills just to be able to write an article at a minimum rate. So, do you think that someone will actually pay you 50k to 60k for no skills?

You need to understand that earning money is not easy and also it is not impossible. You need the right strategies to earn money. Do not leave your success to the chance of randomness. Make a plan, learn the skills, apply them, fail and fail again, and then you will be successful.

There’s no shortcut baby!


  1. Assignment writing task

There’s nothing wrong with assignment writing per se, but here the stupid thing is that the person is promising you 12k per week for 1 assignment. As this is something about assignment, we can guess that this post could be coming from a student. A student will never have that much of money in the entire month, let alone having it per week and being able to pay others 12k per week is absolutely a big red flag.

If you say, what if this person is really rich and can pay you this much amount in real? Well, I would say, just come out of this delusion and work your ass off to learn skills and get real valuable stuffs to work on.

It’s that simple.


  1. The evergreen typing work

Fake typing job

Here, someone is promising typing work for a good pay. Attractive, isn’t it?

Well, this is 2022 guys. Do you think people still need typists?

Let me explain how this scam works.

First, they will give you 10 pages (image of bullshit text), you have to type that exact thing in a separate word document. Then, finally after a lot of hard work when you submit your work, they will say we only accept 99% accuracy.

And, of course you’ll fail their accuracy test. Then they will blackmail you that you broke their legal agreement (and similar fake allegations) and they will say that they have filed a case on you for this so called ‘breaking the legal agreement’. Now, students who fall for this, actually believe that they are in big trouble and get ready to pay money to get out of this so called ‘legal trouble’.

One more approach to this scam is that these guys will give you a nice payment chart per pages typed. Like, 1k for 1 page (30 pages in one month = 30k/month). Seems like a lottery ticket! And still many people fall for this. These charts are so attractive that people agree to pay a ‘registration fee’ for starting a job that doesn’t exist. Once you pay the fee, you will never find them anywhere on this planet. They simply get extinct like dinosaurs.

Also, there more creative scammers out there, they combine the above two strategies and nail the scam-game.

Please remember that, easy money is always fake. There will always be a catch to such offers. That’s why I always focus on developing skills and using them in real.

Also, in the above post, you can see that they specifically mention ‘female’. What I assume is, they think that females don’t fight back and they are easy prey. Well, good for them, but women are not foolish or weak as they think so.

The Good Job Posts

Now let’s take a look at some post types that can be trusted.

  1. A straightforward one

content writing job post

Here the person has clearly stated that his budget is low and he needs writers. If he really wanted to scam, he would never take a risk of shooing away the writers by the ‘low budget’ thing.

  1. Valuable details

Job for content writers

Here, the person has put in actual good and useful details like their niche, responsibilities of the writer, and they are also speaking about some tools. So, this can a genuine one. You can give such posts a try.

Non-valuable details include: Age limit (no one cares about your age in content writing), gender, and a mention of a huge amount of money for a work of few hours.

So, I hope this post helped you in some way to understand how to avoid scams. I will post new examples if I come across any in the future.

Until then, keep learning and growing!

3 thoughts on “Red Flags to Know Before Picking Your Content Writing Job”

  1. Information about these red flags is really very comprehensive and helpful. Especially, for newbies. They should have enough knowledge about it, before starting their online job. So, they can bring the chances of getting conned to a minimal level.

  2. Ma’am the information you provided us with is so genuine and helpful. Scammers are everywhere and many people become their prey due to lack of awareness. This is so kind of you to raise and discuss such a topic in detail.

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