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Tips to keep you going in Freelancing

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Joram Mbuthia Wangui
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The following points will help you keep going:

  • a kind reminder that if you are feeling unmotivated in your work, that is a reliable sign that you might need to make some changes- may be your work schedule or your mental health.
  • you should be unique. If it is working for another freelancer, it is guaranteed that it is going to work for you.
  • You should familiarize yourself with trending topics in the modern world, such as technology, digital currencies, robots, space, sports, just to mention a few.
  • It is never easy in freelancing as people may make it seem out there. It needs tenacity, commitment, consistency, discipline and a lot of networking with fellow freelancers.
  • It is of help when you learn when to end a client relationship in a respectful and nice manner, either because you cannot meet their needs or they cannot meet yours.
  • One of the most untold and important asset for a freelancer is your portfolio. A client will tend to look at your portfolio first.
  • It is also key to have ready-made samples on different topics of interest just in case your prospective clients asks for them. 
  • Take freelancing as your business and learn to invest in it. A business cant grow if you are not investing in it. Dont be afraid to spend money in a calculated manner to help you build your skills, or pay for reliable tools that will make your workflow better.


Above are the tips I found important and helpful to freelance newbies and experienced writers as well. You can let the community know of others in the comments. Thank you! I hope you have enjoyed


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Hadia Khan
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Such a helpful post. Keep up the good work. 

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informative post