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[Sticky] Navigation Guide for Brevamp Members: Must Read by EVERYONE

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I have observed that many new joiners get confused about what to do here on this platform. And joining this forum as a newbie seems like a rollercoaster ride. So, I thought it will be really helpful for new joiners if I create a post on how to navigate this forum as well as this entire platform.

So, when you join the Brevamp platform, you’ll be first asked to join the our discussion forum. Things are usually clear up to this step, as I always convey this thing (to join forum) clearly in the first communication emails sent to you.

Now once someone join the forum, they get lost in this big list of posts in the forum and don’t understand what to do.

So, here is a step-by-step navigation process for all our members:

  1. After joining the forum, please read our forum rules. Click here to read the forum rules.
  2. It’s really crucial for you to read and understand all the forum rules clearly and always send your queries to
  3. Failure to follow the forum rules will ruin your writer grades. So, many of you don’t know that we have a writer grading system which helps us decide which writer deserves to be taken in as a long-term writer.
  4. Now once, you’re well versed with the forum rules, your next step will be to checkout the entire forum system. Let me break this down for you:
  • Our main forum name is ‘Brevamp Writers’ Club’.
  • This main forum is subdivided into different sub-forums. For example, space for newbies, shout out for writers, blogging fams, etc.
  • New sub forums will be added as per the requirement, as our Brevamp family grows.
  1. So, first subscribe to all the sub forums. This way, you’ll never miss any notification regarding the information updates to these sub forums.
  2. Now, go and explore the sub forum named ‘space for newbies’. Just check what other members are writing, but do not write anything yet.
  3. Before you write anything, complete our short course on the concept called ‘plagiarism’. Click here to access this course.
  4. Now, once you know how to avoid plagiarism after completing the course, you can start writing on the forum.
  5. What should you write about?

Write helpful content which is only related to topics like:

  • Content Writing
  • SEO
  • Digital Marketing
  • Any topic that can be helpful for freelance writers
  • Writing Entrepreneurship

So, to get started, write on the following topics first:

  • Your prior experience with freelance writing?
  • What your experience has taught you: do’s and don’ts you would wanna share with your fellow members.
  • What have you understood about the Brevamp platform and what are your expectations from this platform.
  1. Once you write about the above three topics, you’ll be ready to write about topics that you like, but your topics should be limited to the genre of our website.
  2. If you’re someone who is looking for writing jobs on platforms like Facebook groups, then click here to read a blog post that will help you avoid the scams related to online writing gigs.
  3. If you want to level up your skills, then please frequently visit our 'Course-page' and make yourself a better writer everyday.

If you’re an old member, do share this post with new members if you feel that they are not sure what to do here. Anyways, I’m always here to look after all the members, it’s just a small help you can do to make things easier for everyone including me.

Wish you good luck!

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Bisma Rizwan
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Thank you so so much for sharing.. I was confused about all of this.. My mind is clear now...

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You're welcome!

Jasmine 350
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Really helpful post thanku mam

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Amazing post, full of positivity and unexplainably simple 😊 

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