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Brevamp is dedicated to establishing a fun platform that is focused on creating the best entrepreneurial writers in the world. At Brevamp, we provide free mentorship to aspiring content writers to help them become the writing experts that businesses actually need.

Do you love writing content but are clueless about where to start? Are you looking for a support system that can help you create a successful business around writing? Or perhaps you are sick of meaningless and boring writing courses that land you nowhere. Whatever may be the case, you can now take a chill pill.

At Brevamp, we will mentor you absolutely for free irrespective of where you are at your content writing career. All our lessons are fun, interesting, and have an action plan so that you can get into action right from day one. We focus on developing the following skills:

  • Mindset of successful writer entrepreneurs.
  • SEO-Optimized Article Writing, Guest-Posting, Copywriting/B2B Content Writing, Content Writing for Q and A Optimization and much more.
  • Developing a Successful Business Around Blogging & Freelance Writing.

Most importantly, you’ll learn the skill of using your abilities to generate high revenues. So take action right now and join the Brevamp tribe now. 


How it works 

Free Courses: At Brevamp, you will start with our free courses (we bet these are not boring at all). Everything we teach is tailored to meet the current market needs. We focus on learning that is beneficial for the long term so that you don’t end up wasting time on learning things that get outdated quickly. 

Free Portfolio Building: As you learn, you will build your writer’s portfolio and have your articles published (a minimum of 5) for free on our platform. After this, we will guide you on how to make a killer online presence as a writer and have that competitive edge. There is no limit on how many articles you can publish on our website. You can also build an impressive writers’ resume using our free templates. 

Free Review: We will review your write-ups and give you genuine feedback so that you only publish the best-refined version of your write-ups. 

High Paying Writing Opportunities: Once you are done with building your killer online presence, we will help you get high-paying writing opportunities using your profile.

Lifetime Mentorship: Our free mentorship is open for the lifetime for all our Brevamp tribe members. We are excited for you to join us and build a rewarding writing career. 

We can’t wait for you to join our tribe of like-minded people!

Brevamp Tribe

We are a bunch of happy souls. With a small team of like-minded people, Brevamp has successfully started the journey of supporting & guiding writers and helping them become the smartest entrepreneurial writers. We are always open to welcoming people like us to join our tribe and help make this world a better place. Let's create the right opportunities for writers.

Our Story

The idea of Brevamp emerged in the confused mind of our founder Dr. Jaheda. She is a health care professional and has worked for several years in hospitals and the pharmaceutical industry. She has a strong entrepreneurial mindset and a deep love for writing and creating content.

One day she decided to explore business opportunities in writing. To her surprise, she found writing to be a highly lucrative career but there were no good support systems available for writers. She knew people needed it. She recognized that there are millions of writers who don’t know where to start. It was also surprising that many good writers with high potential usually worked for pennies. The reason was obvious. There was not a single platform that guide writers starting from zero.

As an aspiring writer, Dr. Jaheda was not ready to be bombarded with a ton of information only to end up confused. She tried and tested methodologies that actually work to speed up the process. So, she came up with this platform called ‘Brevamp’ where she shares the valuable lessons she has learned throughout her writing journey.

Currently, she writes passionately for different businesses. She also has two health tech projects running under her belt.